Jo’s Review

Girls were super excited when opened the box and saw what it was, instantly knew about Limbo and couldn’t wait to get playing.

Pack is eye catching and cool and product packed neatly in box.

Instructions were clear to follow although couldn’t see anything about the extra blue pole that was in the box, will have another look tonight.

Assembly quick and easy and the kids could do it on their own.

It does not always click easily into slot when you are ready to set if off so every time took several turns to get it lined up correctly to get it going, each time a bit hit and miss

Scoring was complicated and the big girls got it (8 and 9) but for the younger ones (6) it was a bit tricky to reach.

We played it in the sitting room and kitchen and dining rooms and could only use two yellow poles as three too big.

The speed was great for them all but when the end plug fell out it became too quick and when they knocked the poles they fell apart.

The plug was very loose and didn’t fit securely in the end of the yellow or blue poles so kept falling out, definitely needs to be addressed for future orders.

We played for about half and hour while i filmed and then they took it into another room to keep playing and then to Mums and it was the first game they wanted to play when friends came round.

Great concept, fun to play with friends or on your own and definitely a hit in our house!

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