Jenny’s Review

I have two boys aged 7 and 9 and they were excited to receive the Limbo Hop game. My 7 year old was able to put it together following the instructions. At the end we had one piece of blue tubing left over – we were unsure where it was meant to go.  The boys got the hang of the game immediately and put with some Limbo dancing music (found on spotify) they had a very happy afternoon throwing some unusual moves! My 7 year old liked the jumping/hopping challenge and the 9 year old preferred limboing under the sweeper.

As the weather was poor we used it inside and as space in our living area is a bit limited we took one section off the end of the sweeper pole and it worked just as well. The plastic pieces seem a bit flimsy but once put together were robust enough for two energetic boys and their friends. The scoring system was straight forward and the entire game packs away neatly and easily.