Damian’s Review

Limbo Hop is amazing!

We had a huge family Christmas with four generations of the family together over the Christmas holidays, with an age range of 18 months to 80, and everyone loved Limbo Hop as soon as it was out of the box.

It was together and being played with in under a minute, with the children taking charge and trying it out to see if the adults would be able to play.  It kept all of the children entertained with our 6 year old ducking diving and throwing himself around to avoid the sweeping arm and our 14 year old helping the youngest children who although younger than the recommended age loved it equally as much.

Eventually the adults were allowed to join in too much hilarity when they thought they could make a jump or didn’t duck quite as low as they thought they had.

We even had a horde of teenagers descend on our house as they’d heard so much about the game from our eldest that they had to have a go, and spent an afternoon challenging each other to jump the highest or limbo the lowest.

Although with the weather as it is, we’ve only played indoors but Limbo Hop could be taken anywhere, and I suspect it will be coming on any trips to the beach or on Holiday with us.

Limbo Hop is a great game hasn’t left the living room since we got it, it packs down so it’s compact and easy to store, and is a great quick and easy to assemble active game that is suitable for all ages, and loved by everyone who has played it.

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