Charlotte’s Review

All four were surprised by the toy – (we did wrap it up as a Xmas gift to all four of them.) As a parent it was very easy to assemble – an absolute blessing not to have to fit batteries! It’s light weight and portable so easy to move around according to the surroundings at hand.

They were excited to try it out – so after a quick read of the instructions we started trying it out.  My first impression was that it looked too simple – but that’s the beauty of it. It is a simple idea made fun and for the winter months it is good to have an inside activity that requires whole body energy and not just thumbs!

Amy, 11 thinks it’s competitive and fun. It requires a lot of energy and she has been trying to see how high she can actually jump it. This in turn has spurred on Chris, 10 to see if he can equal her jumps…. The construction and design mean that it has withstood both older children landing on it and it comes apart without being damaged and without causing damage! It’s good to have the different settings – that blue bar really speeds things up. The only thing I can’t see much point of is the blue sponge end bit which doesn’t seem to have much point – we’ve had a little difficulty keeping it in during play – I know it’s supposed to come out if it touches a player but it comes out too easily before that. It doesn’t make much difference if it’s in or not to be honest.

For the little ones (both 5) – they like the challenge of the jump – but it’s also nice that all 4 can play with it together – they’ve adapted it to suit their needs and they like playing last one standing without pushing any tabs – as the tabs at the top restrict the younger ones a little as it’s easy to push two up at once. Personally I was surprised by how challenging it was to limbo then push a tab – that’s the real challenge – the lower it gets –  getting back up is difficult!!! Adults beware – It does require flexibility and agility!

All in all, they really like it and I can see it being something for both indoors and outdoors with or without friends.

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