Bibi’s Review

The LimboHop is great for getting you moving.

As a mum, I am constantly looking for physical fun activities for my children.  The LimboHop ticks all the right boxes for me.  Unlike most family fun games that requires you to sit and play, the LimboHop is an active, fun and energetic activity for all the family to enjoy.  It is definitely great for parties and so easy to assemble and durable too.

It’s easy to take apart and takes up very little storage space.  Our boys are not famed for their patience so any games they can play together is a bonus even if it means competing against each other.

The boys have even made up their own games running or chasing the sweeper.  I am not at all surprised at this as they are not very good at sticking to the actual rules of most games they play.  At least with the LimboHop, they are still moving a lot while having fun at the same time.

The children are moving and getting lots of exercise which is great.  It’s best played outdoors as it requires a fair amount of space for best results.  The boys loved it so much that we moved our furnitures a bit in a not so big room and played with ease.


It’s actually quite good and its cleaver design makes it easy to set up and taken apart.  I can set it up myself  It’s like connecting big Lego pieces with a ‘twist’ instead of a ‘click’.  I like the  LimboHop a lot.  Thank you for the fun.


The LimboHop is super fun and I like the name.  Whenever I go to the park or anywhere outdoor I like to take it with me.  I like to play inside but prefer outside.  It’s fun and  I love it. Thank you for letting me test it.

We highly recommend this toy for children and adults alike although I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with a bad back or knee injury.


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