The Reviews

Bibi’s Review

Bibi The LimboHop is great for getting you moving. As a mum, I am constantly looking for physical fun activities for my children.  The LimboHop ticks all the right boxes for me.  Unlike most family fun games that requires you …

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Charlotte’s Review

All four were surprised by the toy – (we did wrap it up as a Xmas gift to all four of them.) As a parent it was very easy to assemble – an absolute blessing not to have to fit …

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Damian’s Review

Limbo Hop is amazing! We had a huge family Christmas with four generations of the family together over the Christmas holidays, with an age range of 18 months to 80, and everyone loved Limbo Hop as soon as it was …

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Jenny’s Review

I have two boys aged 7 and 9 and they were excited to receive the Limbo Hop game. My 7 year old was able to put it together following the instructions. At the end we had one piece of blue …

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Jo’s Review

Girls were super excited when opened the box and saw what it was, instantly knew about Limbo and couldn’t wait to get playing. Pack is eye catching and cool and product packed neatly in box. Instructions were clear to follow …

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Mark’s Review

We found it very easy to assemble and a very straightforward concept to understand. We had to use it indoors due to the weather and the season, and were fortunate enough to have the space to do it (just!). I …

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Rob’s Review

Hannah Fun and good for you, because it gets you going. I liked jumping over it and ducking under it. It’s good that you can play with friends, so you can have as many friends as you like. The package …

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Susannah’s Review

I have three children aged 9, 8 & 8 and they were delighted to receive this toy. The packaging is great and they couldn’t wait to start playing. Assembly was simple and within 10 minutes we were all playing the …

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