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Finding new and captivating ways to keep children happy and active is a big challenge that we all face, especially on trips and during the holidays. Kids can quickly become irritable if
they have lots of time on their hands, which is why it’s important to give them engaging and
fun activities to get stuck into.

LimboHop is an upbeat game that provides instant amusement for children and adults alike, no matter the location! Those playing are challenged to jump up, get down and hop around in a bid to beat the sweeper and get the best score! Find out who in your family can jump the highest or limbo the lowest! Offering straight out-of-the-box play, and without the need for batteries, this game can be easily packed away and transported to any destination.

Luckily this means that kids never need be without a fun form of entertainment that will also get them active and using up all of that extra energy! One, two, or multi-player, LimboHop
can be played indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re off to the park, the beach or even a friend’s house, this game only requires little space so can be enjoyed mostly anywhere. It’s a
great way to get everyone together and having fun in an interesting environment.

At WorldsApart, we understand the importance of getting children on their feet and moving, which is why we’re working in partnership with Change4Life to motivate this. By creating new and upbeat play opportunities, children can have lots of fun while appreciating their surroundings.

*Top tip* In the same way people would meet for a play date at the park, why not create a new type of play date by taking LimboHop to different locations!