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When it comes to children’s parties the ultimate goal is to find group activities that will keep kids entertained, happy and safe. Often parties host a whole range of ages which means games need to include and appeal to everyone.

LimboHop is the perfect game for kids’ parties and events because it brings people together over a fun and exciting challenge against the sweeper. Each player must jump up and get down at different speeds, while hitting the score tabs as you go. The individual or team with the most score tabs at the end wins! This is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole group, whether participating or supporting, and even just watching the game provides plenty
of amusement! It’s a great opportunity for everyone to have fun, laugh at each other’s
moves, and shout advice to those doing the limbo.

Children’s parties vary hugely and can be indoors or outdoors, with small or large groups.
While this can often make it difficult to accommodate and entertain everyone, luckily LimboHop is a really versatile game that can be enjoyed in the house or garden, and transported easily to different locations.

WorldsApart want children’s play to be as accommodating as possible, which is why we
have teamed up with Change4Life to encourage kids to get as active as possible. Fun and exciting games like LimboHop allows kids to embrace activity.

*Top tip* You don’t have to be organising the party yourself to get LimboHop involved. Take
it along to a party that your kids are attending!