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Small PNG-341LIM-Lifestyle-LimboHopOutdoor play is hugely important for encouraging our children to enjoy the natural environment, as well as reaping the rewards of getting lots of fresh air and being active. For these reasons, it’s great for kids to have games and activities that extend beyond the toy box and outdoors into the garden. The LimboHop does exactly this.

This game is perfect for outside as it enables kids to run, jump, get down and swing around as much as they want to. Challenging participants to limbo under or hop over the sweeper, while flicking the score tabs as you go, this game brings the whole family together and gets
everyone moving with lots of laughs along the way. What’s more, the game only requires a
small space to be effective, which means children can play no matter what the size of the garden, and whether they are playing alone or with friends.

In partnership with Change4Life, WorldsApart aims to get more kids on their feet and active in 2016. A big part of that is also encouraging children to get outdoors and make the most of their environment. Making that start is an important step, and by providing kids with a fun activity they are far more likely to get on board and continue with outdoor play. Kid Active believe that being active should always be enjoyable for children, which is why LimboHop is all about having as much fun as possible.

We all know that the great British weather can be temperamental at the best of times, but luckily the LimboHop provides straight out-of-the-box play, without the need for batteries. This means that as soon as the sun decides to peak through, you can quickly grab the game and get out there! Or better still, you can be LimboHoppin’ come rain or shine!

*Top tip* Without the danger of breakables in the house, why not get the pets involved with LimboHop outside?!